What is FPV?

What is FPV? For the new kid in class!

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FPV is an acronym for First Person View. So referring to our sport, we always throw an FPV in the sentence. There is nothing else in the world quite like flying first person view behind the wheel of an acrobatic, agile and fast craft like this. We use radios or transmitters, which is a remote control that sends radio signals at a fraction of a second to a multi-rotor or quadcopter. There is an FPV camera on the front of this craft, sending live video feed to a headset that we wear called goggles. These goggles strapped to our heads are showing us the view straight out of the cockpit. As you push the limits of speed and defy gravity, rolling, flipping and racing through the sky, you experience a flight up close and personal. This experience has been compared to being Superman. There are many styles of FPV, from Drone Racing, Freestyle Drone flying, or even RC Cars. Recording astonishing aerial footage and sharing it with others is a great part of the experience, and helps you join a thriving community. These copters are built from scratch, forcing new technology and innovation. We share this information and have created MyFPVSchool because we are pilots that are drone enthusiasts and we wan’t to share the amazing World of FPV. Why go to sleep, when your dreams of are happening while you’re awake?

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