How to set your Master Volume on a Tanaris

Setting up your Master Volume on a Taranis Radio Controller.

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Ever put your Taranis remote in Bind Mode, and the chirping drives you crazy? Ever been busy working on a recently crashed copter, and your Taranis keeps giving you an inactivity alarm? Well, we’re going to walk you through setting up your volume for your Taranis remote, on a knob, or slider of your choice.

Yes, you can go into your model set up and add volume control to any one, or hey, if you want you can set up it up everytime you set up a new model. But why not set it to control the entire radio all of the time, just the one time? These few simple steps will help you with that. Lots of pilots are thinking: “Man, what do you mean you don’t know how to do this?” But you would be surprised at the amount of pilots we have, experienced and novice, that do not know how to set this up, or even knew you could!

The Steps

  1. Power up your Taranis.
  2. Long press Menu Button (This will take you to the Radio Settings, you do not want Model Settings)
  3. Page over to Global Settings (Button placement will vary depending on which Taranis you are using)
  4. Click to activate editing, starting all the way to the left. You will need to long press to bring up settings, scroll to other and select.
  5. You will scroll through until you find ON
  6. Select ON, and go to the next option working from left to right. This one will decide what you’re turning on. Scroll until you see VOLUME, select this.
  7. Go to the next option, still working from the left side to the right side. After pressing enter on this one to edit, you will then move the switch, slider, knob that you would like to control your volume with, and press enter to select.
  8. Finally, you would have reached the furthest option to the right, it is an empty box you will long press to select and a check mark will appear in this box. If this turns your ON to bold font, this is your confirmation that you have successfully set your remote’s volume to a control of your choice.

Almost Done

Exit this part of the menu, select any model and scroll down to BND (Bind) you can use this chirping sound to test your work. Turn your volume up and down and see if it’s working as expected. This was done using Global Functions. Global Functions are not to be confused with Global Variables, which are values that can be substituted to the usual number on every Weight, Offset, Differential or Expo setting. To simplify Global Functions, instead of setting a function to one model or each model, you are setting the entire radio with one setting.

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