FPV Drone Frames

FPV drone frames are designed to be lightweight, yet sturdy and durable, to withstand the stresses of flying and crashing. They also typically feature mounting points for the various electronic components, such as motors, electronics, and batteries, as well as space for the pilot to mount their FPV camera and other accessories.

There are several different types of FPV drone frames, including racing frames, freestyle frames, and long-range frames. Racing frames are designed for high-speed, agile flying, and are typically small and lightweight. Freestyle frames are designed for more versatile, acrobatic flying, and tend to be larger and more durable. Long-range frames are designed for extended flight times and are usually larger and more stable.

When choosing an FPV drone frame, it’s important to consider the type of flying you’ll be doing, your budget, and the components you’ll be using. Some frames may be better suited for certain types of flying or specific components, so it’s important to do your research and select a frame that will work well for your needs.