What can you do with an FPV Drone?

Three main types of FPV flight! Which one is right for you?

With an FPV Drone, you can fly so many different ways, and try different techniques, but there are three main types of FPV flight. You’re not locked in to any one type with your quad, but some drones are more specialized for each category.

FPV Drone Racing

Drone racing is the biggest hype on the planet! It’s one of the fastest growing sports world-wide in history. It is the sport of the future, and it’s here now. Racing is an art, it requires tons of practice, and stick time to hone your skills. This is done on tracks that are set up with all kinds of gates, flags and even gravity gates. Some places have pitch black tracks with LED lit up gates to show you the way. When the clock starts, the racers will take off at speeds over 100mph racing through the gates with incredible precision. There are different leagues holding different events and championships of all kinds throughout the country and the world, one of the main ones being Multi-GP. Adrenaline rush is an understatement when you’re whipping through the course. Here in MyFPVSchool, you can learn all about drone racing. We look forward to seeing you on the track!

FPV Drone Freestyle

Freestyling with a quadcopter has become such a big sport that it’s almost unbelievable. It’s growing at a rate that is unheard of. Pilots travel, hike, walk, and climb to all different new and unique location’s to push the acrobatics and stylish quad maneuvers to new limits. Flying upside down and doing tricks that will blow your mind! It’s a beautiful art of both technology and creativity. Looping trees and bridges, and spiralling unique patterns in a flow, is fun way beyond what you can imagine. Learning all about building, setting up for freestyling, and how to perform new tricks, is what MyFPVSchool is all about! We look forward to flying with you at a new park or hot spot soon!

Cinematic Drone Flying

This sport has evolved from taking cool pictures and videos catching the angles and views a selfie stick can only dream of, to an actual profession of hiring your very own drone pilot to capture the footage no one else could ever get. Tons of pilots race by day and take aerial footage by night. You can even get a license to do it commercially. Flying miles away and miles high, you could only fathom the beautiful cinematic aerial pictures and video that these amazing crafts can capture with cameras doing 4K footage at 60fps. Capture the world in a way never thought possible! Pushing the limits and making regular cameras boring and outdated we look forward to seeing your footage or seeing one of your crafts fly over head.

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Fun Flying, and Remember to Power Loop The World!