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What’s FPV School?

FPV School is where Pilots come to learn about FPV Drones, both beginners and pros. Whether you’re so new you need to learn the break down of the parts in Drone Anatomy, or a pro. You might want to go back to My FPV School.

In Drone Anatomy we go over the basic topics of the structure of an FPV Drone. Topics like what these parts are, what those parts are used for, how do they work, and how they interact with each other. Also you’ll learn good operations , bad operations, how to set your preferences and more.

Even if you’re a Senior at My FPV School, that doesn’t mean you still can’t learn more. Even better, come and comment your tricks of the trade in front of the class and teach the newer students things that will help them along the way in this amazing way of life we call FPV.

In Flyer’s Ed we will talk about how to fly, learning all about acro, angle, horizon mode, how to work on PIDs, and rates. What to do if you’re quad is vibrating shaking, and learning all about the flight characteristics of your quad. It will help you to learn in FPV racing, what’s good and bad during your flight, what you need to know and how to fix that. This class is pretty much all things to do with actually being in the air and having fun.

In Racing Science is where we study and learn the ways of the track, how to build your copter specifically designed to race, troubleshoot race and competing issues, share tips and tricks for the novice racer, also help the pro pilots connect to be at a constant push for more/better and we love how this helps grow and maintain the best sport there is…. Drone Racing.

Shop Class is where classmates will come together to discuss and learn and teach all about the art of drone building. I mean we design, architect, construct, solder and program these crafts from the ground up, this class is paramount to graduation in My FPV School. We all break our quads every once in a while, or maybe more often than that! That’s what our drone store is for too.

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