How To Bind Your FrSky Receiver

Binding your FrSky Receiver

Class is in session.

Binding your receiver to your radio or transmitter is when you make a unique connection from your remote control to your receiver. This allows these two to talk in a way that no others will understand, ultimately making possible for hundreds of pilots to all fly near each other at the same time!

This class is about FrSky binding if you are interested in binding Spektrum, Crossfire or any other receiver or modules to your transmitter, please refer to the school curriculum as to which class you should be in. Some binding procedures are more difficult than others. We like to think of learning to bind your receiver like riding a bike, once you know how to do it, you’ll have it memorized forever and it will be like second nature on all your new quads.

Before you begin the binding process for your drone, be sure to run through the wiring diagrams one more time to make sure everything on your quad is wired correctly. Use a multimeter to be sure that you are sending the right amount of voltage to your receiver. If your equipment calls for 5 Volts, do not power it with anything stronger than that, as this can result in frying your RX.

Always take your props off before you do anything with your quadcopter.

When your receiver is installed correctly, you have double checked your wiring, and your props are off the drone, you are ready to bind:

  1. Turn on your Frsky radio and go to the model you are binding or create a new model.
  2. Scroll down, and you will see where it says BND (Stands for Bind).
  3. Press enter on this option, and you will hear your radio chirping. This is your binding sound.
  4. Then you will need to locate your binding button. While holding down this button, plug in your craft.
  5. You will see a green indicator light letting you know you have bound properly.
  6. Disconnect your quadcopter and release the bind button.
  7. Take your radio out of bind mode.
  8. Now power up your craft without pressing anything and you will see a green light confirming you have completed this properly.

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Remember to fly safe and power loop the world!

5 thoughts on “How To Bind Your FrSky Receiver

  1. Grotor12 says:

    Where is bind on the betafpv hx100se and hx100? I cant get them to bind to frsky. Also if i do cli bind_rx then it says not recognized or something like that. HOW DO I BIND THEM.

    • Trexinator.fpv says:


      You need a charged battery for your drone and your controller for it to bind properly. Please ensure you are on the same firmware version as well. Thank you!

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